Pasta, Risotti & Antipasti


Beef Capaccio


Fillet Steak with Rocket and parmesan shavings

Melanzane Alla Parmigiana (V)


Baked aubergines with parmesan cheese sauce

Calamari Fritti


Fried Calamari



Served with rocket & parmesan

Insalata Di Mare


Seafood Salad

Gamberoni al Vino Bianco


King prawns in white wine & garlic sauce

Avocado Prawns


Avocado with prawns & pink sauce

Insalata Tricolore (V)


Avocado, tomato & mozzarella cheese

Antipasto Misto


A selection of Italian cured meats, grilled vegetables
& cheese

Bruschetta (V)


Linguine al Frutti di Mare


Mixed seafood with fresh shell fish in cherry tomato
& white wine sauce

Gnocchi Della Casa


Prawns, courgettes and cherry tomato sauce

Linguine al Pollo e Pesto


Chicken with pesto sauce & cream

Spaghetti Amalfitana


Fresh mussels and clams in cherry tomato & white
wine sauce

Spaghetti alla Carbonara


Bacon, egg yolk, parmesan & cream sauce

Penne all’ Amatriciana


Bacon, onions, chilli in tomato sauce



Beef lasagne

Pappardelle Dello Chef


Porcini mushrooms, sausage and tartufo oil

Penne Primavera (V)


Mixed vegetables

Linguine Al Salmone


Fresh salmon, cherry tomato, shallot onions and

Spaghetti Alle Vongole


Fresh clams in cherry tomato and white wine sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese


Spaghetti al Pomodoro or Arrabbiata (V)


Fresh tomato and basil + chilli

Orecchiette al Barese


Shell Pasta with sausage, broccoli & chillies


Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare


Risotto mixed with seafood

Risotto con Zucchine (V)


Risotto with courgettes and cherry tomato

Risotto con Pollo


Rice with chicken, cherry tomato & a touch of cream

Pizza, Meat & Pesce


Garlic Bread Pizza (V)


Tomato Pesto Garlic Pizza (V)


Margherita (V)


Tomato, mozzarella cheese & basil



Tomato, mozzarella, anchioves, cappers & olives

Vegeteriana (V)


Tomato, mozzarella, courgettes, aubergines, onions &

Tuna Pizza


Tomato, mozzarella, tuna & onions

Cotto e Funghi


Tomato, mozzarella, ham & mushrooms



Tomato, mozzarella, spicy salami & chillies



Tomato, mozzarella, ham & mushrooms

Special Calzone


Tomato, mozzarella, ricotta & salame milano



Tomato, mozzarella, artichoke, ham, mushroom, olives & egg



Mozzarella, parma ham, rocket, parmesan shavings

Chef’s Pizza


Mozzarella, sausages, friafrielli and parmesan

Quattro Formaggi (V)


Gorgonzola, mozzarella, parmesan and goats cheese

Pizza extras

from £1.50

All Toppings


Calamari alla Griglia


Served with saute spinach

Salmone alla Pizzaiola


With capers, olives, cherry tomato and white wine

Gamberoni alla Diavola


King prawns, garlic, chilli, tomato & white wine
sauce served with Rice

Salmone alla Grigila


Salmon steak charcoal grilled

Spigola alla Griglia


Charcoal grilled seabass

Orata alla Griglia


Charcoal grilled seabream

Grigliata di Pesce


Mixed fish grill


Grilled Lamb Cutlets


Rack of Lamb


With Rosemary and red wine sauce

Saltimboca alla Romana


Veal topped with parma ham, sage and white wine sauce

Scaloppina ai Funghi


Veal escalop with mushroom and cream sauce

Scaloppina Lemone


Veal escalop with lemon sauce

Scaloppina Milanese con spaghetti Pomodoro


Veal in breadcrumbs with spaghetti & tomatoes

Pollo alla Crema E Funghi


Chicken with cream and mushrooms

Petto di pollo Tricolore


Breast of chicken with avocado, mozzarella and
cherry tomato

Petto di Pollo alla Valdostana


Breast of chicken with ham & bufala mozzarella

Bistecca di Manzo alla Griglia


Charcoal grilled sirloin steak

Bistecca al Funghi


Sirloin steak with mushroom & barolo wine & touch
of demi glass

Grilled Veal Chop


Chef Recommendation

Filetto al Tonis


Strips of aberdeen fillet steak sauteed in brandy, paprika, onion and a touch of cream, served on a bed of rice

Dessert & Drinks


Gelati Misti


3 Scoops selection – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry

Homemade Tiramisu


Traditional Italian specialty with layers of
mascarpone cheese, coffee and savoiardi biscuits

Homemade Crème Brulee


Vanilla custard base with a delicious caramelised
brown sugar topping

Homemade Panna Cotta


Traditional Italian specialty, vanilla infused Italian
custard made with cream, served with red berry



Traditional slice of vanilla and chocolate ice cream
with cream and candied fruit

Cannolo Siciliano


Traditional sicilian aromatic rolled wafer filler with
ricotta cream and chocolate drops

Special Dessert of the Week


Cheese Platter




Hot Chocolate




Double Expresso







Spirits & Liqueurs

Fine Port


All other Shots

Single (25ml)£4.50
Double (50ml)£7.50

Fine Grappa

Single (25ml)£4.50
Double (50ml)£7.50

Black Label

Single (25ml)£4.50
Double (50ml)£7.50

Monkey Shoulder

Single (25ml)£4.50
Double (50ml)£7.50

Chivas Regal

Single (25ml)£4.50
Double (50ml)£7.50


Single (25ml)£4.50
Double (50ml)£7.50